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CAMRA thanks MPs for another Budget Success
Fri, 4 Apr 2014 01:00:00 GMT - Representatives from across the beer and pub sector came together on Tuesday to celebrate Chancellor George Osborne cutting beer duty for a second year running and freezing cider duty at
Scottish Parliamentary Reception a success
Fri, 4 Apr 2014 01:00:00 GMT - CAMRA’s annual Scottish Reception was a huge success as over 50 MSPs, CAMRA volunteers and industry representatives came together to celebrate and campaign for real ale in Scotland. The reception
Time to raise a glass to the Chancellor as beer duty is cut for second year running
Wed, 19 Mar 2014 00:00:00 GMT - CAMRA is celebrating after Chancellor George Osborne today announced during the 2014 Budget that beer duty will be cut by 1p for a second year running. Thanks to the incredible
Beer List
Style Name Description
BW Barley Wine & 90/- Strong and malty. Colour and bitterness vary.
BB Best Bitter & 80/- Similar to a bitter but more body and strength. Can vary ifrom Amber to Red in colour.
B Bitter & 70/- The original session beer. Clean, bitter, and easy drinking.
G Golden Ale Golden and hoppy. Refreshing, but strength can vary from low to strong.
M Mild & 60/- Low in strength but plenty of flavour. Roast malt and soft sweetness.
OA/SM Old Ale & Strong Mild Dark, malty and soft bitterness. Often bittersweet.
S Specialty A beer that's a little bit different. Anything from elderflower to oats or heather.
S/P Stout & Porter Roasty and often bitter. Dark (normally black) and medium strength. Vary from sweet to dry.
SB Strong Bitter Malty sweetness is balanced by a good bitterness. Amber to brown in colour.
UK Unknown Style information not available at this time

2012 Provisional Beer List

Please note that due to the fast-growing list of beers, some information is incomplete at this time - the list will be updated as that information becomes available.
Please note also that the list is subject to change according to availability.
Brewer Name Style Abv Notes
Angus Ales Driver Dark S/P 4.4 A full-flavoured stout, with plenty of roasted barley and chocolate malt. Lightly hopped (N. American hops).
Angus Ales Birdie 3 BB 4.1 A subtely-flavoured pale brown ale with some crystal & roasted barley. English Fuggles hops principally used.
Arran Brew Ltd Arran Clyde Puffer S/P 4.5 A stout with a deep black colour. Sweet and mellow with a low hop taste
Arran Brew Ltd Arran Dark M 4.3 A well-balanced malty beer with plenty of roast and hop in the taste and a dry, bitter finish.
Ayr Brewing Company Rabbie's Porter S/P 4.3 Rich dark sweet treacle fruit malts full bodied and a little smokey
Ayr Brewing Company Jolly Beggars BB 4.2 Aromas are weetabix malt with blackberry. Spicy with floral notes. Flavours are toffee and weetabix malts with dry tea. Light grapefruit with heather. Bitter and spicy on the finish
Ayr Brewing Company Towzie Tyke Premium Ale BB 4.6 Amber ale, fruity and hoppy with orange and grapefruit notes. Refreshingly dry, long bitter finish
Belhaven 60/- M 2.8 Bittersweet, reddish-brown beer. Dominated by fruit and malt with a hint of roast and caramel and increasing bitterness in the aftertaste. Fine example of a Scottish light
Belhaven IPA G 3.8 Refreshing floral hints and citrus tones combine for a clean, crisp, flavour
Belhaven Bonnie Birdie B 3.9 Malty with a hint of hop
Black Isle Yellowhammer G 3.8 Refreshing, hoppy golden ale with light hop and passion fruit throughout. Short bitter finish with a light yeasty background
Black Isle Scotch OA/SM 6.2 Full bodied russet coloured ale with a bitter sweet balance of fruit peel and malt loaf
Broughton Ales Ltd Old Jock BW 6.7 Strong, sweetish and fruity in the finish.
Broughton Ales Ltd Clipper IPA G 4.2 A light-coloured, crisp, hoppy beer with a clean aftertaste.
Broughton Ales Ltd Dark Dunter S/P 4.6 Oatmeal and chocolate aromas, complemented by dark roasted malty flavours and a rich aftertaste.
Burnside M-Pire SB 5.2 A medium amber ale with deep complexity. A blend of 3 different malts accentuated by Styrian Goldings and Target hops with a hint of chocolate.
Cairngorm Brewery Co Ltd Trade Winds G 4.3 Light golden in colour with high proportion of wheat giving the beer a clean fresh taste. The mash blends together with the Perle hops and elderflower providing a bouquet of fruit and citrus flavours
Cairngorm Brewery Co Ltd Black Gold S/P 4.4 Scottish stout with a wonderful rich dark colour. Roast malt dominates, with a hint of smoked sausage, liquorice and blackcurrant in the taste and nose giving a background sweetness. Very long, dry bitter finish
Cairngorm Brewery Co Ltd Wildcat SB 5.1 A deep amber, full bodied strong bitter. Malt predominates, but there is an underlying hop character through to the well-balanced aftertaste
Caledonian Brewery Deuchars IPA G 3.8 Refreshing golden session ale with hop aroma and dry bitter-sweet finish. Although a hoppy beer, there is sufficient malt to give a pleasing body. Fruit and a hint of diacetyl add sweetness and balance
Caledonian Brewery Caledonian 80 BB 4.1 Predominantly malty, brown beer with caramel and hints of roast throughout. Fruit provides the sweetness typical of a Scottish 80/- while a little hop gives a gentle bitterness to the finish
Caledonian Brewery Double Czech S 4.5 No tasting notes available
Caledonian Brewery Flying Scotsman BB 4.0 A sophisticated full flavoured premium bitter brewed with the best barley from the North and robust Southern hops. Profoundly malty in aroma and balanced with hint of raisin spiciness and toasted dryness. A fresh, slightly citrus tang leads to a rich rounded finish.
Caledonian Brewery Top Banana S 4.1 A light beer with a subtle hint of natural banana which slips down a treat, complimented by a floral hop aroma and a satisfying malty body.
Deeside Talorcan S/P 4.5 Velvety smooth, thick, and creamy. Rich deep, chocolate
Deeside 1057 UK 5.7 No tasting notes available
Deeside Abhainn UK 4.1 No tasting notes available
DemonBrew Demon Black S/P 4.4 Black beer. Pronounced roast barley character with a hint of chocolate and espresso coffee finish.
Fyne Avalanche G 4.5 True golden ale starts with stunning citrus hops on the nose. Well-balanced with good body and fruit balancing a refreshing hoppy taste, finishes with a long bittersweet aftertaste
Fyne Hurricane Jack G 4.4 Pale, straw colour. Hoppy with lots of leafy, flowery notes on the nose and zesty citrus and gooseberry leaf on the palate. Very fresh and zingy mouthfeel. Wonderfully refreshing
Fyne Maverick BB 4.2 Full-bodied, roasty, tawny best bitter. It is balanced, fruity and well hopped.
Fyne Highlander SB 4.8 Full-bodied, bittersweet ale with a good dry hop finish. In the style of a Heavy although the malt is less pronounced and the sweetness ebbs away to leave a bitter, hoppy finish.
Harviestoun Brewery Bitter & Twisted G 3.8 Golden session, refreshingly hoppy beer. Hallertau Hersbrucker with spicy Challenger finished by late addition of Styrian Golding. Spicy, aromatic and zesty with fruit throughout. A bittersweet taste with a long bitter finish
Harviestoun Brewery Schiehallion S 4.8 Unique cask conditioned lager. The use of finest lager malt and German hops results in a true Pilsner-style beer
Harviestoun Brewery Natural Blonde G 4.0 A light golden beer brewed from lager and wheat malts. A blend of Celeia, Perle, Citra and Liberty hops combine to give powerful yet balanced 'top notes'. Very refreshing.
Highland Brewing Company Orkney Best G 3.6 Refreshing, light-bodied, golden beer bursting with hop, peach and sweet malt flavours. American and Polish hops are added early and late to the copper. The long, hoppy finish leaves a dry bitterness.
Highland Brewing Company Dark Munro M 4.0 Dark brown in colour, the nose presents an intense roast hit which is followed by summer fruits in the mouth. The strong roast malt continues into the aftertaste
Highland Brewing Company Orkney IPA G 4.8 Contemporary IPA, not overly bitter, but still nicely hoppy and at 4.8% just about a session IPA for a sensible night?s drinking. The hop profile is nothing short of stunning
Highland Brewing Company St Magnus Ale BB 4.5 Complex, tawny bitter with a stunning balance of malt and hop and some soft roast. Made with maris otter pale ale malt and a dash of chocolate malt, plus two classic English hop. Well balanced, the hops just win through in the flavour profile
Highland Brewing Company Orkney Blast G 6.0 Plenty of alcohol in this warming strong bitter/barley wine. A mushroom and woody aroma blossoms into a well-balanced smack of malt and hop in the taste. One to take great care with as it is so drinkable
Highland Brewing Company Island Hopping G 3.9 Golden yellow in colour with a tropical fruity nose. On the palate grapefruit leads to a pleasant hoppy middle with some caramel. Dry aftertaste
Highland Brewing Company Sneaky Wee Stout S/P 4.2 Bags of malt and roast with a mixed fruit berry background. Dry bitter finish
Highland Brewing Company Light Munro M 3.0 A proper British Mild Ale, dark in colour, sweet chocolate malt with a delicate hint of hop in the after taste.
Highland Brewing Company Pale Ale SB 4.7 An easy drinking modern Pale Ale with a nod to American Pale Ales, coloured with crystal malt and hopped with a stunning blend of high alpha, high mycrene global hops.
Houston Warlock Stout S/P 4.7 Dark and spellbinding stout. Strong, smooth and bursting with flavour. Long, rich and dry finish
Houston Tartan Terror BB 4.5 Beautifully balanced mahogany coloured ale created with a fusion of selected malts and hops to create an outstanding malty roast taste and a wonderful delicate aroma
Houston Peter's Well G 4.2 Golden, with a wonderful hoppy aroma. Luscious blend of wheat, malt and hops produces a distinctive fruit taste and mouth watering bittersweet finish
Houston APA B 3.9 A pale, refreshing citrus ale. Zingy and fresh packed full of American Liberty Hop aroma with an intense fruit taste.
Houston Slainte BB 4.3 Challenger hops explode on the nose leaving a wonderful aroma of malt and hops. The taste is long and deep with mature fruit notes that linger.
Inveralmond Brewery Inkie Pinkie G 3.7 Superb summer session ale. It is refreshing and fruity with a pleasing hop aroma
Inveralmond Brewery Ossian G 4.1 Well-balanced best bitter with a dry finish. This full-bodied amber ale with a hoppy, zesty aroma is dominated by fruit and hop with a bittersweet character, although caramel can distract from this
Inveralmond Brewery Lia Fail SB 4.7 Dark, robust, full bodied beer, with a deep malty taste, smooth texture and a hoppy aroma. The beer is rich with a well balanced and satisfying sweetness with chocolate notes. Lia Fail is Gaelic for 'Stone of Destiny'
Inveralmond Brewery Thrappledouser BB 4.3 Copper-coloured ale, with a thick and creamy off-white head. A marriage of Pilgrim, East Kent Goldings and Cascade hops presents a delicate citrus aroma and a spicy floral taste
Inveralmond Brewery Independence B 3.8 A well-balanced Scottish ale with fruit and malt tones. Hop provides an increasing bitterness in the finish.
Inveralmond Brewery Blackfriar UK 7.0 A dark brew, hardy and warming with a slightly sweet malty character balanced by a pleasant hoppiness.
Inveralmond Brewery Duncan's IPA BB 4.4 Pale golden ale with fruity spicy aromas leading to an initial malty sweetness and a lasting bitter finish. Perfect for pushing the boat out!
Isle of Skye Skyelight G 3.8 This light and refreshing ale is a real thirst- quencher. Plenty of fruit and hops lead to a lingering light hoppy aftertaste
Isle of Skye Hebridean Gold S 4.3 Oats are used to produce this golden beer. Nicely balanced, it has a refreshing, bitter, fruity flavour
Isle of Skye Blaven SB 5.0 Well balanced strong amber bitter with kiwi fruit and caramel in the nose and a lingering sharp bitterness
Isle of Skye Cullin Beast BW 7.0 Winter warmer; sweet and fruity, and much more drinkable than the strength would suggest. Plenty of caramel throughout with a variety of fruit on the nose
Isle of Skye Black Cuillin OA/SM 4.5 Almost stout-like bitterness, smoothed through the addition of pure Scottish heather honey
Kelburn Pivo Estivo G 3.9 Summer seasonal. A pale dry citrus hoppy session ale with hints of grapefruit
Kelburn Dark Moor OA/SM 4.5 Smooth dark and dangerous, this ale is designed to warm the cockles of your heart. Aftertones of liquorice and blackcurrant make this an ale of complex character
Kelburn Carte Blanche G 5.0 Golden full-bodied ale boasts smacks of flavour. Appearance is enhanced by a touch of wheat malt giving good head retention and a wonderfully dry after-taste
Kelburn Goldihops G 3.8 Well-hopped session ale with a fruity taste and a bitter finish
Kelburn Cart Noir S/P 4.8 Smooth dark spicy porter with hints of chocolate and blackcurrant
Kelburn Red Smiddy BB 4.1 This bittersweet ale predominantly features an intense citrus hop character that assaults the nose and continues into the flavour, balanced perfectly with fruity malt.
Kelburn Jaguar G 4.5 A golden full bodied ale with undertones of grapefruit and a long lasting citrus, hoppy aftertaste.
Knops Beer Company Musselburgh Broke BB 4.5 Modern interpretation of a recipe from 1847, this beer uses four different malts, with hops added in small quantities in two stages to ensure the malt character typical of Scottish ales is not overwhelmed
Knops Beer Company California Common BB 4.6 Deep, golden colour, with a clean, slightly woody aroma and slight hints of spice. Initial malt sweetness balanced by bitterness, light toffee notes followed by a lingering, refreshing secondary bitterness
Loch Lomond Bonnie N Blonde BB 4.0 Brewed using Maris Otter and Caragold malts to give a light, refreshing ale using a blend of whole-flower hops to produce a well-rounded citrus flavour.
Loch Lomond The Ale of Leven BB 4.5 An easy drinking beer with a spicy aroma and a full-rounded bitterness
Loch Lomond Kessog Dark Ale SB 5.2 Dark with warm spicy flavours.
Loch Ness Hoppy Ness SB 5.0 A pale ale with a fusion of bittering hops and a wonderful US hop finish. It does exactly what it says on the pumpclip.
Loch Ness Mild Ness M 3.5 Lightly roasted dark session ale.
Moulin Ale of Atholl BB 4.5 A reddish, quaffable, malty ale with a solid body and a mellow finish
Moulin Braveheart BB 4.0 An amber bitter, with a delicate balance of malt and fruit and a Scottish-style sweetness.
Moulin Old Remedial OA/SM 5.2 A distinctive and satisfying dark brown old ale, with roast malt to the fore and tannin in a robust taste.
Orkney Brewery Nimbus G 5.0 The aroma is of pronounced fresh-fruit hops together with a sweet nuttiness. On the palate this beer has a verdant almost vegetal hop presence. Nimbus also exhibits lovely malt character of fresh bread and almonds
Orkney Brewery Raven Ale G 3.8 Well-balanced quaffable classic Scottish session ale. Slightly spicy hop aroma of tangy orange, with malty fruitiness and bitter hops, through to the long, dry aftertaste
Orkney Brewery Dark Island OA/SM 4.6 Roast malt and chocolate character varies, making the beer hard to categorise as a stout or an old ale. Sweetish roast malt taste, with some chocolate, leading to a long-lasting roasted, slightly bitter, dry finish
Orkney Brewery Dragonhead S/P 4.0 Classic black Scottish stout. Strong, dark malt aroma flows into the taste. The roast malt continues to dominate the aftertaste, and blends with chocolate to develop a strong, dry finish
Orkney Brewery Wayfarer BB 4.4 Wayfarer is a deep golden Indian pale ale with a lively fruit hop character and a strong appealing bitterness
Orkney Brewery Skull Splitter BW 8.5 Intense velvet malt nose with hints of apple, prune, and plum. Hoppy notes balanced by smooth malt and spiced fruit edges, leading to a long, dry finish with a hint of nut
Orkney Brewery Golden Amber G 4.6 Refreshing hops, honey, marmalade and grapefruit to the fore with a dry, hoppy finish.
Scottish Borders Game Bird BB 4.0 An easy drinking, smooth, copper coloured bitter
Scottish Borders Dark Horse BB 4.5 A classic dark ale that has overtones of coffee and chocolate with a surprisingly spicy finish that lingers on the tongue.
Scottish Borders Wee Beastie B 3.6 Lemony hops with a caramel touch offset by late arriving bitterness.
Spey Valley Royston's Hoppy Handful G 4.6 Bright, citrusy and hoppy as the name would suggest. Light and crisp but not thin on the palate, a traditional English style Summer ale. Not too overpowering to be a session ale.
Spey Valley Spey Stout S/P 5.4 Subtly bitter, lightly floral, sweet, chocolaty stout. Full bodied and smooth with a robust chocolatey flavour, not over bitter, not too sweet.
Spey Valley David's Not So Bitter BB 4.4 A simple, well balanced light brown ale. Good body with plenty of hoppy aroma, not too bitter and not too floral. Great all round beer.
St Andrews Brewing Company IPA SB 5.0 Crammed full of four aromatic hop varieties, this big, bold, bitter IPA not only shows off a super hop kick but a depth of orange and tropical fruit flavours that are both refreshing and complex.
Stewart Brewing Edinburgh Gold G 4.8 Captivating golden beer, sophisticated in taste and rich in colour. Boasts an attractive continental hop aroma with moderate bitterness and a pleasing smooth finish
Stewart Brewing Copper Cascade BB 4.1 Deep red, full bodied medium dry beer. What adds the special character is the generous addition of North West American Cascade hops, delightful with a spicy and floral almost blackcurrant character
Stewart Brewing Stewart 80/- OA/SM 4.4 Classic full-bodied, malty, bittersweet Scottish 80/-, with plenty of character.
Stewart Brewing Edinburgh No.3 OA/SM 4.3 A full bodied, smooth ale with an intense colour, rich malty taste, and a clean finish. Brewed using soft Scottish water and four types of malt, subtly balanced using only a small amount of the finest fresh hop cones.
Stewart Brewing Pentland IPA G 3.9 Delightfully refreshing hoppy IPA. Hops, fruit and a lingering bitter aftertaste contribute to its full-flavour.
Stewart Brewing Zymic M 3.8 A highly quaffable session ale. Sherbert on the nose and a refreshing citrusy flavour. A drink designed to be drunk in the summer sunshine!
Stewart Brewing Solas SB 5.0 Ruby red IPA
Strathaven Duchess Anne S 3.9 A summer ale made with a blend of malts and fresh meadowsweet to capture the essence of summer.
Strathaven Clydesdale IPA B 3.8 Refreshing straw coloured pale ale, initially reveals hints of malty sweetness, giving way to a moreish grapefruit aftertaste
Strathaven Old Mortality BB 4.2 Blend of five different malts gives this chestnut coloured ale a rich dried fruit flavour which is beautifully offset by spicy American hops and a lingering aftertase
Strathaven Craigmill Mild M 3.5 Well-balanced dark mild with a rich chocolate aroma. A blend of American hops give this ale a subtle lingering orange zest aftertaste
Strathaven Claverhouse BB 4.5 Deep burnished colour from a combination of crystal and red malts. Flavoured with British and American hops, the citrus taste is complemented by a blossoming floral aroma and aftertaste
Strathaven Summer Glow S 3.9 Summer seasonal golden ale.
Strathaven 500 SB 7.0 A distinctive amber ale made in recognition of the 500th brew at Craigmill Brewery
Sulwath Brewers Ltd The Grace BB 4.3 Refreshing celebration ale. Made using three different hop varieties, combined with the best 'Maris Otter & Crystal' malts to create a colour reminiscent of a Galloway sunset, with a rich full bodied flavour that balances the caramel undertones
Sulwath Brewers Ltd Solway Mist S 5.5 Refreshingly different naturally cloudy wheat beer. Exclusively brewed from malted wheat and rolled oats and a hint of Seville orange peel. It is sweetish and fruity. The pleasant initial taste predominates
Sulwath Brewers Ltd Criffel Ale BB 4.6 Full-bodied IPA with a distinctive bitterness. Fruit is to the fore of the taste with hops becoming increasingly dominant in the taste and finish
Sulwath Brewers Ltd Black Galloway S/P 4.4 A very dark brew which derives its colour from the abundance of deeply roasted Maris Otter barley and chocolate malts utilised in the brewing process.
Sulwath Brewers Ltd Knockendoch SB 5.0 Dark copper coloured with pronounced tastes of malts and hops. Initial reaction is the flavour of deeply roasted malts followed by the pleasing aftertaste of best whole Hereford hops which linger on the palate
Sulwath Brewers Ltd Cuil hill B 3.6 Distinctively fruity session ale with malt and hop undertones. The taste is bittersweet with a long-lasting dry finish.
Tinpot Prune Pot S 4.0 A brown beer
Traquair House Brewery Stuart SB 5.0 Amber, copper colour. Leafy, English hop character, earthy with some floral nuances, lots of malt, biscuity, caramel. Medium bodied with a hoppy bite in the finish
Tryst Brockville Dark M 3.8 Dark ruby coloured full tasting session ale with hints of liquorice and roasted grains. An edge of bitterness gives additional character
Tryst Brockville Pale G 3.9 Golden session ale combining no less than three British hop varieties. The hops are balance with pale malts to be smooth and easy on the palette. Refreshing mix of fruit and malt linger in the aftertaste
Tryst Blathan BB 4.0 Pronounced bla-han in Gaelic the name of this ale translates as 'little blossom'. A strong floral nose and refreshing taste has made this a very popular pint. A single hop variety is enhanced with elderflower and pale malts to great effect.
Tryst Raj SB 5.5 Well-hopped IPA with three popular British hops to produce a deep lingering taste complementing the underlying malts
TSA Brewing Co. Wild Mild M 3.8 Dark and refreshing in true mild style suggestion of chocolate and oatmeal
TSA Brewing Co. William Wallace BB 4.5 Chestnut colour, with a fresh, malty aroma. Sweet, malty and nutty on the palate with minimal aftertaste
TSA Brewing Co. Lomond Gold G 5.0 New style of blonde beer. Clean sharp and fresh flavoured to the taste. Hopped with a fruity organic hop giving a hint of citrus on the palate and a very satisfying aftertaste
TSA Brewing Co. Highland Fling BW 7.0 Robust full-bodied honey blonde beer clean fresh flavour and fruity aroma
TSA Brewing Co. Ben Nevis BB 4.0 Distinctive roast and caramel character. Bittersweet fruit throughout provides the sweetness typical of a Scottish Heavy.
TSA Brewing Co. 1488 S 7.0 Brewed from the first waters of the Tullibardine whisky mash tun and matured in American oak casks.
Williams Bros Joker IPA G 5.0 Very hoppy, bright amber colour, bittersweet full flavour, with strong, citrusy, hop aromas. Created from a complex blend of malt and hops to bring a smile to your face
Williams Bros Midnight Sun S/P 5.6 Rich, black, smooth porter, created from a blend of malts and oats, balanced with a generous hopping and a wee bit of fresh root ginger
Williams Bros Cock O' The Walk BB 4.3 Classic red ale; brewed with large amounts of crystal malt, giving the warm red colour. Lots of late whole hops, Cascade and Bobek, add a lovely citrusy hoppy aroma
Williams Bros Fraoch Heather Ale S 4.1 Fine floral aroma complements the unique taste of heather flowers over a spicy character
Williams Bros March of the Penguins S/P 4.9 A creamy dark stout, deep chocolate in colour has a nose of roast malts, coffee, licourice & orange peel. The aromas carry on into the flavour with a smooth mouthfeel, rich malty start, fresh hoppy middle & a delicous lingering orange aftertaste.